MTBD Dance & Photoshoot

A morale event turned MenTal BreakDown.

The Interns ft. Junhee

How should we welcome two great people, Seungri and Howon, who joined as summer 2014 interns? We should something fun, unusual, and memorable!

Turns out we're located in the epicenter of the K-Pop phenomenon, famed for its dance music.

We Shot a K-Pop Dance Video

We invited Yeonjae, an urban street dancer, to teach us his choreography to a hot K-Pop song called “MTBD (Mental Breakdown).”

After 3 hours of endless practice and two professional videographers recording our every move, here is a 90 second worth of footages we were able to salvage:

In order to assemble above video, the videographers had to stitch hundreds of footages using Adobe Premere:

Stitching the footages

After watching the video, Keywon couldn’t resist but Photoshopping these:

We're having fun... no?

We Shot Our Profile Photos

The extremely talented and patient folks at Nolgong also shot our profile pictures.

You can see more pictures from today on Flickr.