Inspired by Users

Hello Money users gave us lots of feedback via our first ever Reddit AMA earlier this month. We’ve been pushing hard in the past two weeks to deliver top requested features from our users.

I am pleased to announce that now you can group your portfolio holdings to up to three accounts, and turn each on and off. Right side of the portfolio page will only analyze what is turned on.

In particular, this is inspired by a comment from our longtime user on Reddit:

Feature request from a longtime user

Why This Is Cool

So what can you do with this? Let’s look at a few real world examples.

For Couples

A 20-something Hello Money user posted on Reddit: “Budget conscious bride, don’t want to destroy our savings for the wedding. Help me streamline the wedding budget?”

Then she shared this portfolio with three accounts to explain her financials. She received 200 comments about how to cut down her wedding cost.

Multiple Accounts - example
Visualize your accounts together & separately

Advisor vs. DIY

A 30-year-old user is wondering whether he should continue working with an investment advisor, or go DIY and design his own. He asked Reddit which portfolio design is better: Advisor’s or his.

After examining both options on one portfolio page, Redditors decided DIY version is more promising, and provided helpful comments how to make it better.

Multiple Accounts - example
Compare multiple options in one page